Saturday, May 29, 2010

Commitment to Education: GBC

Wednesday, May 19, was a proud moment for myself. I attended a Yes Chef! gala unveiling of the George Brown College Foundation sponsorship wall. My history with the school of culinary arts began as a student and today I'm able to give back not only with sponsorship but also as educator. It is for me a functional growth cycle. I continue to learn through being on the pulse of education and knowing the latest developments and techniques that the next generation will be baking.

The Yes Chef! campaign has been successful but like any program it needs continued support and I invite you to join me in that support with the ShaSha Bread Award.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Phyllo Wrapped Salmon on Lentil Bio-Bud™

Recipe #2: Black Beet and Blood Orange awakens my literal senses in thinking how to add ShaSha ingredients into a Phyllo Wrap.

Salmon pastry:
16 oz. salmon fillet ( for 4 phyllos)
phyllo pastry
1 large cooked potato
¾ cup of Multigrain Breadcrumbs
Parboiled stringbeans
2-3 Tbsp. fresh dill
1 lemon
Melted butter
Coconut oil
2 tsp curry powder

Sprouted Bio-Bud™ Lentils:
2 ½ cups of water
1 tsp of salt
Optional: bay leaf

Bring everything to a boil, and simmer, no lid, until all water is evaporated. About 18 minutes.

Black Beet Salad
1 black beet, skin removed and slice as wedges
½ blood orange, skinned and sliced
1 cooked yellow beet, sliced
1 tbsp. Fresh dill, chopped
2 Tbsp. Lemon juice
1 cup of Arugula or green of your choice to use as garnish for Bio-Bud™lentils

Mix all ingredients.

To Prepare Phyllo Salmon:
*Pre-soak Lentils for 20 min in lukewarm water
  1. Melt butter and allow to cool. Preheat oven to 420 F.
  2. Remove potato from skin and mash with coconut oil and a splash of water. Add curry powder, chopped dill, juice from half a lemon, salt and pepper.
  3. Lay a sheet of phyllo onto the work surface and brush with butter, then sprinkle with bread crumbs. Add another sheet on top of the first, rotating so that the corners alternate.
  4. Repeat butter and breadcrumbs. Lay third sheet down and place about half a cup of the potato mixture into the center. Lay 4 to 6 slices of salmon cut to strips on top and brush a little butter around edges of phyllo. 
  5. Gather edges and bunch at the top pressing base with hands to shape and hold together. Brush outside with a little more butter and sprinkle breadcrumbs on the top.
  6. Place this in a baking dish. Recipe makes about four of these. Bake them for 25 minutes.
  7. Serve on a bed of the cooked Bio-Bud™lentils (Arugula below the lentils) alongside the black beet salad and garnish of lemon.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Recipe: Pan Fried Salmon Bits

The first recipe post! The idea for my recipes is not only that they are fresh, delicious and wholesome but quick and easy-- very important for our active and busy lives. Many of the recipes will feature a Shasha co. product to some degree, such as the Multigrain Breadcrumbs incorporated here. I highly encourage the use of organic products, but of course that is optional.

Pan Fried Salmon Bits

Breaded pieces of salmon with scallion, ginger and a saffron and string bean basmati rice.

10 Oz. Salmon
¾ Cup ShaSha Multigrain Bread Crumbs
3 scallions, chopped
1 Egg
1 Tbsp. Spelt flour (or other flour)
1Tbsp. Fresh Dill, chopped
1Tsp. Fresh Ginger, minced
Lemon juice from half of lemon
1Tbsp. Oil
Salt, Pepper to taste
Optional: Saffron tea (saffron steeped in hot water to create fragrant tea)

1. Take all ingredients except the breadcrumbs and mix thoroughly. Add the breadcrumbs right before you are ready to cook to keep them from getting overly moist.

2. Heat a dash of oil in a skillet on med-hi heat, add the salmon mixture gently in one layer

3. Allow one side to brown without over-stirring, then turn once to brown the other side

4. When both sides are browned it is ready to serve, with a wedge of lemon

This was accompanied by a saffron and string bean basmati rice, sunflower sprouts.