Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Parade. Love. Bread.

Come celebrate Pride with us on July 4th, 2010, downtown Toronto, for the biggest outdoor party of the summer! Bring your Vuvuzela. Bring your love, we're bringing the bread....and SNAPS of love as well!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Toronto Taste: ROM, 20th Anniversary

Toronto Taste is a yearly event that keeps getting more extravagant as it grows and with good reason, in support of Second Harvest. This year highlighted 60 presentations with ShaSha Co. returning to the event. It's a cornucopia of indulgence that closes down Bloor Street and Avenue Road spilling into the ROM's Great Hall. Lots of fun and one of our first public outings with Bio-Bud™ samplers...Protein Bruschetta!

Friday, June 11, 2010

2-week Challenge Series: Journey Diet

Verified proof is the best method to resonate why our food is healthy for daily activity and we have developed a summer campaign to earn your trust and promote: ShaSha's Diet Journey.

Our first campaign encompasses a 2 week dietary challenge to select customers who are looking for a change in their life, guided by what they eat. This is not a quick weight loss plan, this is a vitality plan. 

Our goals are to improve your cognitive alertness while improving your overall physical health. The commitment will be for a two week period for each participant and showcase their health enhancements experienced on their Journey, openly shared.

Method: Before and after reports analyzing their pre-diet regimen and the results of functional abilities after the ShaSha Journey diet plan. The diet plan is simple...to incorporate ShaSha Co. product with a balanced breakdown of carbs, starches and sugars.

Next post: meet our first Journey participants

Friday, June 4, 2010

Future Food is FREE!!!


This summer we plan on communicating quite a bit about Bio-Buds™. New recipes and consumer challenges are being planned to test and experience the enhancing life benefits of our all-new product line.

Our bio-buds has a sweeter complex flavour, therefore can be served on its own with minimum need for herbs and spices...it's about eating less but gaining more energy... we are truly excited to coin this product line as "Future Food".

Already in local specialty stores during the Spring, a wide roll-out of the product-line will be coming to major chain groceries as well by end of summer.... we want to ensure you're well informed about what it's all about as the properties of this product can exceed the potential of your eating habits.

Starting today, June 4 to Aug 31, any combination order ONLINE greater than $59.00 awards you 2 Bio-Bud™ packs, FREE to try. Plus, receive a sample 30 g pack of each SNAP flavour for something sweet to snack on.